Writing 101: Serially Found

It was one of the hottest days of summer but perfect enough for a cruise around the city with my two wheels.  I had borrowed my friend’s very expensive mountain bike for a couple of weeks and had loved it. I was able to maneuver the city at my own pace without having to take the usual underground transportation.  Riding up the Hudson from Battery Park was my favorite bike path. I had made plans to have lunch with a friend in the meatpacking and enjoy some cocktails on the roof of the restaurant. We weren’t there for more than a few hours and decided to head to another location. As we exited the restaurant I noticed my bike was no longer attached to the post I had locked it to. Someone had stolen the pricey bike. I was devastated and could not stop crying. I did what anyone would do and went to the W. Village police station to file a report. I phoned my friend with the horrible news and promised to repay him.  He felt sorry for me because he knew how much I enjoyed my few weeks with the bike.

I spent the next couple of days searching for another bike on craigslist and hoping that maybe I could find something similar to the bike my friend had. Exactly one week after losing the bike I saw a posting for a mountain bike that was purchased for $65 but they believed had been stolen and that they would like to find the rightful owner if they could describe the bike. I called the number on the ad and told the gentleman the exact description of the bike along with the cherry lip balm I had in the pouch underneath the seat.  I picked up the bike that evening and gave him the $65 he paid for it. He said that he purchased it from a man on the street and he knew that the bike was stolen because it was worth much more than what he had paid for it. I believed him he had a few bikes of his own and wouldn’t have offered to find the real owner if he was the one that had stolen it. I was so happy to find my bike!



  1. kaygy · October 2, 2014

    And my faith in humanity is restored!!! 🙂 Good to know there are still a few honest people left. Really nice post.

  2. Laura Feasey · October 2, 2014

    Ahh so there are some decent people left in the world!

  3. Priceless Joy · October 2, 2014

    That’s wonderful. Not many people would do that.

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