“Girl I’m Your Friend….”

The truth hurts. Let’s be real for a second. No one ever wants to hurt their friend’s feelings by telling them something they may or may not want to hear. But in reality if my friend is going to save me from doing something embarrassing or looking like an idiot I want her to tell me the ugly truth and not stroke my ego with what I want to hear. Isn’t that what a friend is anyway? I just want people in my circle who are rooting for me and not secretly plotting against me behind my back. Tell me your comments or give me some feedback if you feel the same way.



  1. erikaselegance · September 22, 2014

    I agree I love my circle of friends because we’re able tonbe transparent with one another and I don’t mind them holding me accountable because I know when they do It’s out of love and not selfish ambition

    • laurenudoh · September 22, 2014

      Thanks Erika I agree with you 100%.

  2. Mauvora · September 22, 2014

    I agree and I would love to be able to do it, but sometimes, just sometimes, breaking my dearest friend’s heart a little, hurts a lot! What if I’m just hurting her but I am misjudging the situation? I’m always honest with them and that’s what I ask in return. Truth doesn’t have to hurt.

    • laurenudoh · September 23, 2014

      That’s so true I would prefer honesty as well better from a friend than a stranger.

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